Why do I need to register?

It’s mainly because we want to know what you like when enjoying Pocketbeat. By knowing the sets that you have liked, we can match the liked set with other sets in our database and recommend you new sets.

Do I have to pay anything to listen?

Nope, it is free.

Is Pocketbeat a legal music service?

Yes, it is. We work very closely with copyright organizations to make sure that Pocketbeat remains a legal music service.

What is DJ ranking?

This is a advanced ranking system that ranks the DJs that are connected to the Pocketbeat platform. The system is made up by complex algorithms and these algorithms take into account many different factors. You as a listener can be sure that a DJ that is on top of the ranking is a good and skilled DJ.

Who are the DJs on Pocketbeat?

They come from all over the world. What they all have in common is that they are extremely talented.

How does the "Recommended for you" section work?

It is based on the sets you listened to and liked. We then match the liked set with other sets in our database. The similar sets will then be recommended to you. So be sure to like sets that you listen to.